IcoFlex is a spin-off of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and develops a very precise micro-sanding technology for cutting, drilling or micro-engraving hard and brittle materials such as glass, silicon or ceramics. Created in July 2004, IcoFlex naturally set up shop on the banks of Lake Geneva, in the EPFL Science Park, where it offers a micro-machining service. From then on, it will develop its production tool to meet the needs and expand its offer by proposing the machining of a wide range of materials.

In 2010, the company decided to diversify and strengthen its team by creating an engineering unit to serve companies.
In 2014, IcoFlex offers its first optical metrology product for professional watchmaking. Called GyroTracker, this product became a reference in optical characterisation of the regulating organ of mechanical watches in laboratories.

In the autumn of 2016, the company consolidated its reputation in optical watch metrology by launching the ChronoTracker, the first optical production device for measuring the precision of mechanical watches at the level of the regulating organ, the tourbillon cage or the hand.

From 2017 innovation accelerated with the marketing of the IcoPack™, a glass interconnection platform used for the hermetic packaging of electronic chips and components. At the same time, the ChronoTracker is getting more performance with new options. A motorised version of the device is offered and the quality factor of the oscillator is now integrated on the XT version and the ability to characterise double-armed balances is included in the basic version.

In 2018, a platform of autonomous sensors SENSORLAB, which can be integrated into a watch case, is proposed for the watch industry. A probe version is available for logistics issues. The same year, the ChronoTracker integrates more advanced analysis functions such as the Fourier transform.

In 2019, the VAMOS software was launched to meet the needs of characterising the oscillating weight of automatic watches.

From 2021, the Chrono 3 is a new generation of ChronoTracker and has been designed to allow continuous and real time measurements of the parameters of watch movements, whether in static positions or in dynamics (wearing, robots, Cyclotests, etc.). It is equipped with a wireless data transmission allowing an easy integration.

In 2022, IcoFlex will be marketing the ChronoRM Laser, followed by a camera version of the power reserve measurement product, the ChronoRM Video, presented at EPHJ 2023 for the watch production and after-sales markets.