Micro-machining &
Manufacturing in glass and ceramics

Competitively priced precision machining for microfluidics, microtechnology and watchmaking.


Micro-machining by sandblasting

Grooves, cavities, holes, cut-outs

Micro-machining by sandblasting is a technology in which a jet of micro-particles accelerated by high-pressure air is used to mechanically etch the material. To micro-structure the hard, brittle material, the areas to be spared are masked with an abrasion-resistant material so that the free areas are etched to create cavities or through structures. The sandblast is distributed evenly over the surface of the part to create a homogeneous, anisotropic etch.

With some twenty years' experience, IcoFlex has perfect mastery of this abrasion micromachining technology in a wide range of materials. It is one of the only suppliers of this technology in Europe.

Highlights of our machining technology

  • Cutting complex shapes.
  • Anisotropic engraving (machining angle of approximately 15° in the glass).
  • Protected surfaces retain their original qualities. Direct glass-to-glass sealing and encapsulation capabilities are preserved.
  • No induced thermal or mechanical stress.
  • No burrs.
  • Low cost.

Machining characteristics

  • Machining depth: thickness = 2 mm.
  • Structure size = 100 µm.
  • Structure accuracy linked to the machining mask: ± 5 µm.
  • Engraving angle: 10 to 25° depending on the material.
  • Roughness: Ra approx. 1.1 µm in glass but varies according to material.
  • Aspect ratio for glass: max. 1:1 for structures < 200 µm and 2:1 for structures = 200 µm.
  • Engraving accuracy: 20 µm or 10% of depth if depth > to 200 µm.


Machined materials

  • Hard ceramic: Aluminium nitride.
  • Brittle ceramics: Piezoceramics (PZT), porous ceramics, carbon
  • Glass: Borofloat 33, Quartz, special glass (enamel, infrasil, etc.).
  • Semiconductors: Silicon.
  • Natural materials: mother-of-pearl, semi-precious stones (onyx, lapis lazuli, etc.).
  • Metals: Precious metals in thin layers and sintered oxides (ferrite).
  • Plastics: PMMA, Epoxy, PEEK.


Other mastered technologies

  • Glass/glass or glass/silicon seal (with or without intermediate layer).
  • Metal deposition by evaporation or electroplating.
  • Formulation of polymer materials (photosensitive polymers, adhesives, dyes, etc.).

Our micromachining and manufacturing offer


Optimising the design or conception of your parts


Feasibility study


Micro-structuring and cutting of parts in sheets not exceeding 200 mm


Production of a prototype of a few hundred plates per month



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Glass micro-fluidic chip

Icopack schema

Micro-channels and micro-holes 200 µm wide in glass

Icopack schema

Machining watch dials with coloured glass


Series production