ChronoTracker 3

High-frequency, programmable and wireless measurements.

The Chrono 3, the optical instrument that wirelessly communicates the parameters of a watch movement in real time and can be easily integrated into robots, winding systems or wearable watches. It is practical when you want to take measurements in climatic chambers without worrying about wires..

Whether it is to free the workbench from cables or to carry out your reliability tests, the ChronoTracker 3 is a powerful and complete tool for your onboard measurements.


Laser sensor

A new sensor has been developed for the ChronoTracker 3 and can be used on the ChronoTracker XT. It offers the following advantages :

  • Increased measurement distances, allowing measurements on deep housings or clocks
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio due to low beam dispersion.
  • Easier integration and installation due to the presence of two M2 screw holes.


The ChronoTracker 3 inherits the functionality of its predecessor: the ChronoTracker XT. It is designed for measurements on moving platforms (wrist, Cyclotest, robotic arm etc.). It communicates wirelessly the measurements and data acquired in real time. The Chrono 3 offers the following functions :

  • Access to measurement data (rate, amplitude, quality factor, isochronism) in real time.
  • Data export in csv format.
  • Creation of tickets on the basis of user Template (Word).
  • Control interface for setting parameters, starting and interrupting or stopping measurements.
  • Easy control of the ChronoTracker by robots or external systems.


The ChronoTracker 3 offers 24 hours of autonomy with a 30 mm diameter rechargeable battery (3.2 mm thick). It can also be powered via USB or an external power source if the platform allows it. Data transmission is wireless regardless of the type of power supply. The sensor is connected to the wireless system via a cable. This modular approach allows :

  • More compact positioning against movement, as the communication module is disconnected from the sensor.
  • Realistic shock tests, the weight of the sensor part being minimal (1 gram).


The ChronoTracker 3 inherits all the functions of the ChronoTracker XT and operates at higher sampling rates. The ChronoTracker 3 can be configured to produce a rate and amplitude measurement by oscillating the balance wheel. The accuracy is then limited. By spacing the measurements, both accuracy and autonomy are improved linearly. The PC and on-board software handles accidental loss of connection.

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Use case

Evaluation of the effect of a clap on the rate and amplitude of a mechanical watch: The ChronoTracker 3 shows the disturbances of the regulating organ. The communication is wireless and in real time. The accelerations were measured in parallel by a SensorLab.

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