Accessories ChronoTracker

Whether it is to automate, facilitate or increase productivity, IcoFlex offers numerous accessories and is able to customise your ChronoTracker.

The characterizations of the regulating organ are done in different positions in space. We offer manual and motorised solutions to precisely orientate the calibre or the watch head in relation to gravity.

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Module 1P

Basic module included in every measuring system order. It allows a watch or movement to be quickly tested in a single position.

Chronotracker 1p

Module 1PX

Basic module for higher productivity with a retractable arm that allows quick gauge adjustment corrections with a repositioning of the measuring arm by stop.

Chronotracker 1px

Module 6P

Allows you to manually position the watch or movement in one of the 6 measurement positions.

Chronotracker 6p

Module 6M

Motorized system to measure a calibre or a watch with a ChronoTracker XT in automatic mode in the 6 control positions. In addition, it automatically generates tickets or quality control reports ready for printing.

Chronotracker 6m