ChronoTracker XT

Direct measurement of marche, amplitude, quality factor and isochronism.

The ChronoTracker XT is the perfect tool for watchmakers. It is compact and fits easily on their worktop. It is connected to a PC or tablet via USB, and its modular design allows it to be adapted to any task, whether it is for setting up, quality control in the laboratory or in production. This product is very efficient for the design of Swiss or non-conventional anchor movements. With the ChronoTracker XT, you will be able to determine the rate and amplitude of a tourbillon or a carrousel co-axial or non-co-axial, even with three-dimensional cages.

Technical data (pdf download)

Highlights of the measurement on the balance wheel

  • Direct measurement of rate and amplitude on the balance wheel in less than 5 seconds.
  • Amplitude independent of exhaust type and lift angle.
  • The lift angle can be determined.
  • Allows measurement of the quality factor of the oscillator with the ability to select multiple ranges.
  • Isochronism curve.
  • Fast manual focus.


Strengths of the measurement on hands or mobiles

  • Rate available from 4 minutes of measurement with an accuracy better than 0.1 sec/d.
  • Measurement on mechanical or quartz watches.
  • Daytime rate obtained after 24 hours with an accuracy of 0.001 sec.
  • Rate and amplitude of "tourbillons", including 3D "tourbillons". (Optional).
  • Free choice of "tourbillon" periodicity (optional).
  • Continuous monitoring of the rate and amplitude (tourbillon) over the entire power reserve.

Laser sensor

A new sensor has been developed for the ChronoTracker 3 and can be used on the ChronoTracker XT. It offers the following advantages :

  • Increased measurement distances, allowing measurements on deep housings or clocks
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio due to low beam dispersion.
  • Easier integration and installation due to the presence of two M2 screw holes.


XT software data

  • Real-time detection of the passage of the balance arms for the measurement of the rate and the optical amplitude.
  • Real-time detection of the passage of the hand or a tourbillon rotation cage for the measurement of the rate.
  • Graph of instantaneous rate distribution.
  • History of instantaneous rate and diurnal rate.
  • Amplitude history.
  • Measurement of the quality factor in free oscillation.
  • "Tourbillon" amplitude measurement for each cage rotation (Optional)
  • "Tourbillon" amplitude history (Optional).
  • Data analysis.
  • Fourier transform.
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“The ChronoTracker is a particularly appreciated metrology device for its polyvalence and its novel design. The device is as reliable as it is precise. The ChronoTracker fits perfectly our requirements for characterising watch mechanics, especially in dynamic measurements executed with our watch-wearing simulation robot.”

Fondation Qualité Fleurier & FQFLAB.