Direct measurement of rate, amplitude, quality factor and isochronism.

The GyroTracker is equipped with a high-frequency optical matrix sensor that allows the elongation of the balance wheel to be followed without interrupting the measurement. The motorised gyro gantry allows all rate and amplitude measurements to be carried out in any position in space.


Highlights of the measurement on the balance wheel :

  • Direct measurement of rate and amplitude on the balance wheel in less than 5 seconds.
  • Independence of the escapement type.
  • Independence of the lift angle.
  • Allows the measurement of the quality factor of the oscillator independently of the type of escapement.
  • Quality factor measurement over multiple ranges.
  • Isochronism curve.
  • Tracking on discontinuous serges.
  • Tracking to zero amplitude.
  • "tourbillon" measurements independent of the cage speed.
  • Flexible programming of measurement steps (succession of 6 positions or measurements in simulation of range, duration, stabilisation time).
  • Built-in blowpipe for free mode measurements.
  • Generation of customisable reports.
  • Extraction of raw data in csv format.


  • Not recommended for serges made of electronic silicon.

Software data SineTrack

  • Driven mode with instantaneous and average run and amplitude.
  • Historical data and monitoring of the execution of measurement programs.
  • Free mode with isochronism curve and quality factor in one click.

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