Maximum flexibility in minimum dimensions

The SensorLabMINI is a 20 mm diameter multi-sensor platform with wireless communication. Developed for applications where the available space is minimal (e.g. small-diameter watches) and where a wired connection for data exchange is not an option.



  • 20mm diameter
  • Wireless communication: data are stored on the device. At the end of a measurement sequence, data can be transferred wirelessly (no real-time communication possible).
  • Thickness < 7mm with battery
  • Shock measurement
    in 3 dimensions up to 400g (vs. Smartwatch = 16 g)
  • Magnetism measurement
    in 3 dimensions up to 2000 Gauss .
  • Measurement of angular velocity
    up to 2000 °/s.
  • Measurement of angular shocks
    up to 31 000 rad/s².
  • Temperature measurement
  • Humidity measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • High autonomy.

SensorLab software data :

  • Continuous time sampling, threshold triggering or histogram mode.
  • Data export in csv format.

Applications :

The SensorLab is a customisable platform that can be adapted to many applications. It is the most compact system on the market with optimised autonomies for each use.

  • "porté" analysis
  • Probe in the industrial field
  • Magnetization analysis on assembly line
  • Overpressure analysis at nesting
  • Hermeticity analysis
  • Monitoring of transport shocks
  • Calibration of machines (shock columns, robots, etc.)
  • Other customised needs
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